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IT solutions for businesses and small businesses.

Your future is created by what you are doing today, not by what you will do tomorrow. IT solutions for companies and for small entrepreneurs.
Robert Kiyosaki
The best trademark or reputation can be obtained, when people know they can rely on your excellent work each time.
Brian Tracy

Website creation

A modern responsive website is a must of each company nowadays. An online “business card” can ensure cognizance of your company.

E-shop creation

Start a business at home. E-shops connected to supplier, stock management, accounting.

Gateway solutions

Customized gateways, reservation systems, systems for real estate agencies, information systems, and others. Custom-made solutions even for the most exacting client.

Graphic design

The eye is the seller. Everything based on the latest trends - web design, logo, business cards, heading paper, brochures and others.

SEO Optimization

Optimization for search engines. Leading positions, websites, e-shops programmed, so that they meet the standards. Google robots, SEO friendly.

Online marketing

Online marketing, Google, Facebook, Price comparison, Dynamic remarketing, measurement of conversion and others.

Tomas Elias

CEO, Web developer

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Dominik Tomko

Graphic Designer

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Samuel Plichta

Graphic Designer

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Kristian Zuffa

Web developer, Backend, React js, Algorithms

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Lukas Mihaliak

Web developer, Frontend, Vue js

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Marian Abaffy

Web developer, PHP (framework)

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Peter Soltys

Web developer, PHP, Java

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Marek Brinko

Web developer, Angular js, Java

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Peter Vook

Sales Manager - Italy

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Dominik Moson

Sales Manager - Germany, Austria

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